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Here's what people are saying about Years In Your Ears:
Friday, 07 September 2007
"This heartfelt documentary aims to restore Leftover Salmon's place in both jam-rock and bluegrass pantheons, thankfully, without coming off smug or overly preachy. The long overdue "festivaal" tutorial [is] reason enough to purchase this film."
- Mike Greenhaus, Relix

"Years In Your Ears is a great tribute to one of Colorado's most spirited, unlikely and down-right fun success stories"
- Brian F. Johnson, The Marquee

"If you loved Leftover Salmon you owe it to yourself to take that trip down memory lane. Years In Your Ears is definitely a story of Leftover Salmon. And what a story that is!"
- Tim "da Flower Punk" Lynch, KPFA FM

"[Leftover Salmon's] shows are some of the most memorable fun one can have and this DVD captures that glorious feeling eloquently."
- Phil Santala, Jambase.com

"We loved Years In Your Ears so much, we blew off the Super Bowl and Prince to watch it!"
- Uncle Earl

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